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    A centralised platform to manage your excess inventory

Easy handling of customer returns

A simple control panel provides you with the right tools to track your customer returns. Sync your inventory, get pricing intelligence, and liquidate inventory right from your panel. No more scouting for buyers, distress sales, or talking to shady middlemen.

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Fast cataloging of returns

When you ship your goods to customers, you take pains to ensure it is properly packaged and reaches the customer safely.  When you receive it as a return, you typically receive multiple products travelling across the country in a dilapidated sack. We feel your pain.  Our EAN-integrated cataloging system scans the manufacturer barcode and catalogs your product with zero hassles.

API-first integration

Overboxd integrates easily with Warehouse Management Systems and multiple marketplaces (including our proprietary Overcart.com marketplace) to provide multiple channels to liquidate your products.

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Automatic testing for your returned mobiles

Use Litmus, our Android application for testing of Android devices, to test incoming customer returns and file appropriate claims or simply to "certify" the product before resale.

Easy order processing

Integrated order-processing gives you the same fulfilment experience that you are used to when you sell new products.  Process and ship orders yourself, or use our partner-Overcart.com's fulfilment services.

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