Overboxd's API-first architecture easily integrates with your existing software, so your business does not suffer.

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Connect with your WMS

Use your Overboxd APIs to easily integrate with your current Warehouse Management Systems.  Or simply give our cheerful team a call and we will do it for you.

Rapid inwarding

Overboxd connects directly to the European Article Number (EAN) database to pull product information.  So when you receive a return in your warehouse, you simply scan a barcode and we will do the rest.

Sell on multiple marketplaces

Overboxd's APIs easily allow you to list your excess inventory on eligible marketplaces, including our own proprietary Overcart.com.  You may choose to sell your products individually or in bulk as you see fit.

A simple and easy-to-use excess stock management system that integrates with your existing software

No need to break your existing processes (unless you want to!).  Simply connect Overboxd to software you use today, and get started.

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Faster reconciliation

Easy inwarding on Overboxd allows you to identify the products being returned accurately and helps reconciliation with marketplaces.

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Automated quality check

Use our Litmus app to quality-check returned smartphones and identify fake returns, to help with refunds and insurance.

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Multiple liquidation channels

Choose from multiple B2C and B2B liquidation channels to balance higher-realisation with speed. Turn your dead stock into money quicker.

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